I Thought the World Needed Another Blog

Hi, my name is Veronika but you can call me Kika.

I was born in the year of 88', just one year before the Berlin Wall came down.

I recently graduated with a MA in choreography back from my hometown Helsinki, Finland. I'm currently living in the heart of Scandinavia, Stockholm with my two favorite things, my cat and my boyfriend (in that order).


As the title subtly implies a blog is probably the last thing the internet and the world needs. So, bearing that in mind let me just start by talking about my personal motivations to start one anyways.

I really miss being surrounded by like minded people and feeling like a part of a community like the one I found in Art school, and I wish I could be part of something larger than myself again. Starting a blog is in some way an attempt to reach out my hand into the virtual space, like you do you when you invite someone up to dance.

I have always had a rich imagination and a lot of stuff going on in my head. My inner life has taken me to incredible heights creatively but also gets me into trouble when I start to overanalyze and self-doubt. To write a blog and to post images on Instagram allows for a space of daily creative experimentation, and then sharing it with the world just makes it that much more exciting!


I actually have no problem spending time alone, but being in a new country away from all of my friends and social circles makes my need for connection even stronger. So I'm now carving out a little space for me to share and develop myself creatively and at the same time communicate concepts and ideas online (my cat is a great cuddly pet, but it does get a bit one-sided when we have artsy conversaations).

I've always been into diaries, and a Blog I guess is just another way of fulfilling that same need of documenting and pondering daily life. Now it just happens in a whole new era of communication where the possibilities of sharing are endless. How lucky are we as a generation where all of this is available at our fingertips?

I think we as humans have an inherent need to want to make sense of things and organize events in linear and easy to understand “cause & effect” relationships. My own perception of life doesn't really work like that. It's messy and complex.

The best metaphor I can come up with to describe this is that my mind is a bit like a squirrel on a mission: focused but easily distracted. This has historically caused me a lot of grief and annoyance, but lately I've attempted to embrace it a bit more and to go with the flow of my perceived existence of fragmentation.

Sharing one post at a time, one image at a time or one thought a time feels like a very suitable format that supports my new way of coping with this scattered life.

I hope you want to indulge this squirrel and jump with me onto the bouncy castle. Thank you for taking the time to read my scribblings and see you soon!