Define Yourself by the Things You Love

I've noticed that people have a tendency to define themselves by the things they're against or don't like. Somebody asks what kind of music you listen to and instead of getting excited about all the awesome stuff in your Spotify library you start talking about the kinds of music that annoys you or that you don't like. Sound familiar? In my case this kind of thinking is often the case, and that's why I decided to share four of my favorite moments from October that define me by things I really love and get excited about. And so naturally, the first picture is cake.

Cake with raspberries and a big cup of coffee on a rustic table

1. Sweet Things

I've always had a weakness for sweet things, and even though I'm much more adult about how much sugar I eat now than as a child (I only had this cake for my second breakfast, so you see how responsible my eating habits are now), life is much better because chocolate cake exists. Simple yet brilliant.

A bouquet of orange flowers

2. Colors

Flowers are the true masters when it comes to color, and I love to bring some home especially in the darker months of the year.

Cat in bed with a book

3. Cats

Luna the cat gives me so much joy. It's a dream come true to have a fluffy little friend to call my own and I feel so lucky that I get to take care of such a sweet and beautiful creature.

Vintage Apple computer with romantic florals

4. Sharing my thoughts

In October I've really enjoyed scribbling down a lot of my thoughts and gotten into the habit of writing a little almost every day. Now my laptop might not be of the latest model, and I certainly get some confused looks from others when I walk into a café occupying at least two tables while getting some writing done. But you know what they say, "if you don't fit in, you're probably doing the right thing".

What things that you love define you?


Flowers Are More Interesting than Chairs

I spend a lot of time on Instagram and, like many others, I too have noticed that flowers is a very popular theme. With such a huge inflation in the topic of flower related imagery you would think it would become boring, but I certainly haven't found that and that makes me wonder: what is it that makes flowers so incredibly enticing and charming collaborators?

Heartbeats blog by KiKa- Flowers are More Interesting thatn Chairs

I came across a wonderful book by Siri Hustvedt a few year ago where she speaks about this power that flower have over us. In her essay she writes:

When there are flowers in a room my eyes are drawn to them. I feel their presence in a way that I do not feel chairs, sofas, coffee tables, curtains. Their fascination for me must be connected to the fact that they are alive, not dead. The attraction is prereflective- it rises up in my body before any articulated thought. Before I can name the flowers (if I can), before I can tell myself that I am attracted to the blooms, their pleasurable sensation has arrived.”

Maybe, like Siri points out, the fact that flowers are living things connects us to the flowers in a deeper and more primitive way than we even realize. The connection is instant and physical rather than contemplated and rational.

Maybe the presence of flowers conjure up something similar to the sensation you get from looking up at the huge night sky. That sense of wonder and humbleness you get from seeing something that seems so infinite is something that feels overwhelming in a good way. I think flowers have the ability to do the same in a different and more direct way.

Heartbeats blog by KiKa- Flowers are More Interesting thatn Chairs

...And I find my encounters with these quickening but senseless plants so absorbing that I do not narrate them. This is odd because I am continually putting words to the living, always forming sentences that accompany me as I greet a person, sit at a dinner party, stroll on the street, but there is no inner voice that follows me in the garden. My head goes silent.”

And maybe that last sentence is where the other part of the magic of flowers lie- we are invited into a state of silence. A state where our constant inner voices and thoughts slow down and quiet for a while.

Heartbeats blog by KiKa- Flowers are More Interesting thatn Chairs

*Quotes from Siri Hustvedts book Living, Thinking, Looking