Self portrait in mirror Kutova Kika about page

Hello and welcome!

My name is Veronika but you can call me Kika.

I’m a photographer and content creator, with a style that you could describe as magical realism.

I can get ridiculously inspired by small things and let my curiosity guide my creative processes, which to be honest are full of feelings of doubt and unsureness (not sure that’s a word), but it’s that drive to create and express that keeps me going.

I’m originally from Scandinavia but moved to London in September 2018 with my boyfriend and 2 cats. I combine my Northern roots and passion for nature with the big city life and my mission is to seduce out a little magic out of the mundane ordinary things around me.

This blog is a place where I share personal stories and also tips and advice about photography, creativity and Instagram.

Thank you for reading!

Ps. I’ve recently started a YouTube channel, go check that out for more tips!

xx Kika